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New Jersey families are struggling.

Our goal at Teach NJ PAC is to elect advocates for nonpublic schools, who will fight to keep education safe and affordable. In 2023, we delivered on that goal: securing or flipping all eleven of our top targets for State Assembly and Senate, including historic turnout from Jewish voters across our state.


Our vision is a New Jersey where no family has to make the decision whether they can afford to send their child to a quality school that is best for their needs. We would like to bring tax credit scholarships to New Jersey families which are already available in Pennsylvania, Illinois, and elsewhere around the nation.


We are making this the reality in New Jersey by supporting advocates for our communities.

Who We Are

Teach NJ PAC is a political action committee that is dedicated to addressing the affordability crisis for families — by advocating for fair funding for nonpublic schools.


We are a group of parents, teachers, and community leaders who are working to elect leaders in the New Jersey Legislature who will deliver for our families and help build a sustainable, thriving future for us in the Garden State.

What We're Fighting For

Teach NJ PAC is fighting for fair funding and an equal share of resources for the nonpublic school families who are facing enormous obstacles to sending their children to the school of their choice — which for many of us is not an option.


We have fought and will continue fighting to elect leaders who will advance the following priorities for our communities: 


  • Advocating for fairness in state funding to nonpublic schools, including in transportation, special education and STEM. 

  • Joining states like Pennsylvania and Rhode Island in providing tax-credit scholarships for families in need — meaning nonpublic schools can take advantage of donations to support educational opportunity across our state.

  • Continuing our progress in the New Jersey Legislature with our elected leaders, who have already helped our families with $142 million in increased funding in this year’s state budget alone. .


All families deserve fair funding and access to educational support and opportunities — this is what Teach NJ PAC is fighting for!

Get Involved with Teach NJ PAC:

Teach NJ PAC helped deliver crucial wins across New Jersey in the 2023 Election. We are putting our foot on the gas to do even more in future election cycles. The best way to get involved is to support our mission and register to vote.

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